Metacomm Ltd. is a strong and successfull company that, through the improvement of management and the quality of their productsand services, seeks to create.

Private Company “Metacomm doo.” for the production of welded structures, containers made of steel and aluminum alloy was established in 2005. with the aim to continue to produce and maintain market position Energoinvest from Sarajevo in the energy sector. The Company has taken all the resources (personnel, equipment, facilities and documentation) from Energoinvest factory processing equipment from Jajce.

In possession of the plant site area is 30,000 m2: 2,400 m2 production hall, warehouses, workshops and technology has been completed (equipment for cutting, gouging phase welding, bending round and angular, positioners and slew assembly container, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes for making flanges and filter records, proof test to 40 bar, burning and AKZ-e) production of cylindrical, welded vessels and pressure equipment in class 1 to Class 4 according to EU Directive: PED 97/23/EC. It is possible to heat-treatment product (annealing) and protection against corrosion (sandblasting, coatings and salt.). We are the only manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina for incremental process of deformation in the cold for a cylindrical vessel in the area with a diameter of 800 mm to 3600 mm. thickness to 14 mm for steel elastic limit Re = 355 Mpa.

The system of quality management and ISO 9001 certified facility to perform welding operations in accordance with EN 3834, by TÜV in Munich. The company employs about 60 workers trained and certified for production vessels and pressure equipment (engineers in the field of structures and welding certified EWE and IWE, certified welders for welding processes: MIG / MAG, TIG / WIG, UP-SAW, SMAW).

The average production capacity over the last three years has been processing about 1000 MT hot rolled steel sheet in the quality S235JRG S355J2G3 to the vessels for oil and petroleum products, refinery gases, water, air and other technical gases. Also, the processing of about 50 MT steel and aluminum alloys (AlMg) in equipment for the food industry.

The Company has established cooperation with certified subcontractors for testing services (NDT, UT, RT and Methods for the destruction of material FMT), and services equipment for the hard gumming working with aggressive fluids.

Organisational structure