Metacomm Ltd. has 40 years tradition in manufacturing process equipment. Process equipment manufactured at the facility once Energoinvest Metacomm now is an integral part of factories and plants across the EX Yugoslavia as well as many plants in Europe, Russia, China …

Equipment is manufactured from different alloys of steel and stainless steel, with the necessary corrosion protection, materials whose properties allow the use of the aforementioned industry. Quality of process equipment produced in Metacomm-in is reflected in the usability and durability and high quality of approved welding procedures. Process equipment is manufactured according to standards and specific customer requirements and is subject to control…

In addition to standard products that make water filters, ion exchangers, heat exchangers, hot water tanks, water container , tanks of compressed air, boilers, tanks for milk, containers of beer industry, containers for the wine industry, containers for the chemical industry, containers for the pharmaceutical industry, containers for the return of condensate, ammonia containers, containers for glycerin, fermentor, the vessel was for oil, etc.

Metacomm can offer and the products made according to your specification.

Processing equipment produced in Metacomm in a purpose to :

  • milk industry
  • juice
  • brewery
  • wineries
  • plants for water treatment
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry