Water heaters are designed for domestic hot water, and can serve as energy accumulators in classic and solar systems. Heating media, hot water or steam, transfer their heat through tubular heaters made of copper or stainless steel tubes. In the absence of a heating medium, heating can be accomplished with electrical energy with installation of electric heaters.

Boilers are made in the versions:

1. Water heater with a tubular heater BC
2. Water heater with electric heater BE
3. Water heater with a combination of tubular and electric heaters BK

Heaters are prefabricated which allows opening the containers for cleaning or repair.

Boilers, in the standard version are designed to work with 6 bar and temperatures up to 65 °C, but if necessary can be made for higher loads. The material used in the fabrication process is steel plate with the characteristics according to the regulations for the production of pressure vessels.

Surface protection and testing for tightness are done in accordance with technical norms and standards for stable pressure vessels. Boilers are made in vertical and horizontal version with all the necessary connections that may be in form of screw thread, or a double circuit.