Significant role in the production program Metacomm a cover tanks for gas, LPG. Containers can be made for above ground or underground installation. Storage capacity ranges from 1m ³ to 250m ³. Gas Tanks are manufactured to meet standards and are characterized by high quality workmanship.

They are made from high quality materials for pressure vessels. Depending on the purpose of surface protection consists of the sandblasting, coatings and primers with paint or tape sheets.

Tanks are used in:

  • households,
  • transport and stable boiler,
  • industrial facilities,
  • small business establishments,
  • agricultural facilities,
  • housing and settlement
  • restaurants

The tanks are equipped with all necessary connectors defined standards for pressure vessels related categories. When underground tanks Metacomm can offer the proper shaft made according to standard or customer request. For each container is made a separate budget in accordance with the requirements for pressure vessels and CPI (Boiler Inspection) inspection. Containers are made according to standards and fall into the category of pressure vessels according to PED 97/23/EC.