Metacomm Ltd. is a strong and successfull company that, through the improvement of management and the quality of their productsand services, seeks to create.

As a leading manufacturer of pressure vessels at the BiH market, continuous improvement of its business processes, we follow all the requirements of the user equipment, and current Europeanstandards in the field of process equipment, gas installations and petroleum industries.

With its long reputation and distinctive image we try to keep currentposition in the markets of the former Yugoslavia with the intention of a significant increase in market share. In addition to the regionalpresence, we are investing great efforts in expanding our presencein the European Union, Russia and North Africa.
As an active participant in creating the economic development ofthe country, understand and meet the needs and expectations ofour customers and users.

Economic cooperation with the European Union is possible only bythe technical requirements of its internal market. Technical regulations, directives and European standards dictatethe requirements for product safety and require producer responsibility for their fulfillment.

Quality goals for 2018

  • Striving always to have satisfied customers;
  • With customers and suppliers, we build a stable and long-term relationships;
  • Products are produced according to internationally recognizedstandards and regulations;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality system;
  • The motivation of all employees, continuous education and trainingof staff;
  • Every department and every individual must respect the principle of “buyer-supplier”
  • Dealing with complaints as soon as possible;
  • Monitor changes in standards and regulations, and comply with allregulations regarding safety, fire safety and environmentalrequirements;